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Just write to us to add and change your exact timber purchase information.

The best advertisement for your purchase offers

Reach to the seller of timber with a wish to buy, with high quality and fast!

Finding the best buyer

Add the location of your timber to the map and we will display all purchase information and mileage to buyers.

What do we offer?

Map and filters

We show the locations of timber buyers on the map. The seller can add his location to the map and conveniently filter out buyers and purchase offers that match his material.

Display purchase information

We display all the purchase information that the timber buyer wants in the Woodspot environment. Starting with timber prices and ending with measurement conditions and quality files.

Highlighting the buyer's warehouses

The purchase offers of all buyers' buying warehouses are separated from other companies and highlighted.

Transport price table

platform has a predefined price table for calculating the transport tariff and price, which can be changed by yourself.

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Is Woodspot a wood exchange?

No it is not! Woodspot is simply a common channel for sharing and managing timber purchase information. A survey conducted in 2020 showed that purchasing information is known to everyone and therefore a common information channel does not increase price changes.

How do I get my purchase information to Woodspot?

Easy! Email us your purchase information and we will post it ourselves. Similarly, there is a change in the purchase information and it is completely free for the first months.

Is the use of the site free of charge in the first months?

Using the site and adding information to the environment is free in the first months. In case of changes, we will notify you in advance!

Is Woodspot impartial?

Yes. Woodspot does not belong to any company in the market, has no biased interests and treats all customers equally.

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